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About our hospital

The shape of babies’ heads
shapes their future.

To all families that are worried about the shape of their baby’s head

The shape of a person’s head lasts for life.
According to some studies, the shape of a person’s head affects not only their appearance but also their anatomy and growth.
Correcting the shape of a baby’s head may be the first care they receive after birth.
But the window of opportunity is limited.
“I should treat it with consultant sooner...” is what some parents say.

We want to change that situation.
Change it so that consulting about distortion in a baby’s head becomes the norm.
We are sending this message across Japan.
A welcoming and accessible place for consultations, anytime.
A place where concerned families can feel reassured.
Don’t let your worries keep troubling you.
Feel free to avail of our counseling services.
We are committed to shaping the future of your baby.

Baby’s Head Reshaping Clinic

For new patients

Three special features of our clinic’s services

  • 1

    Updating the treatment for head distortion with skills & technology.

    Specialist doctors, including the hospital director, who has 40 years of experience in the field of plastic surgery, always take charge of each examination. We are the first-ever Japanese institution to introduce a state-of-the-art 3D scanner capable of measuring head distortion at high speed and with high precision, and we provide therapies based on the latest studies. We are a pioneer in head distortion treatment.

  • 2

    The clinic of first choice where families can feel reassured.

    Our aim is to be the first place that families come to for help with the shape of their baby’s head. We have pursued the best like location, consultation something else the best. Our clinic is conveniently located within walking distance from Tokyo Station and provides digitalized online reservation/examination (reexamination) systems.

  • 3

    Be the frontline of molding helmet therapy in Japan and in Asia.

    The latest research / treatment database on babies’ deformational plagiocephaly, made-in-Japan helmets manufactured by state-of-art 3D printing technology…To Japan and then to Asia, we are providing the next generation molding helmet therapy.

About us

Anti-infection measures

To be an accessible clinic that anyone can visit anytime, we are constantly implementing thorough anti-infection measures, including noncontact body temperature measurement at the entrance, partitioning of the reception counter, and use of hand sanitizers. Our clinic is committed to reassuring mothers who are worried about distortion of their child’s head without having to worry about infection.